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Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing is an ideal roof project or service if you want the most hassle-free roof.  This type of roof is known to last 2-3x longer than a shingle roof. Also,  you seldom have to think about metal roofing other than in admiration. Whether you live in a coastal region like Seattle with heavy wind and sea salt abrasion. Or further east with high heat and sun exposure,  heavy rainfall, metal is the way to go in all climates and conditions.

Washington’s home and business owners would benefit significantly from having metal roofing over the many other options available on the market. Being particularly prone to moss and fungus growth, maintenance is already a critical aspect of any structure in the Northwest and Southeast areas of the states. Narrow down your list of things to upkeep and opt for a metal roof!

metal roofing and siding
metal roof

Most metal roofing meets or exceeds US building code requirements in durability. It has been known to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, even winds up to 130mph! Asphalt shingle roofs, by comparison, tend to only withstand up to about 70mph before experiencing shingle loss and damage. This has made metal roofing extremely popular in areas prone to severe tropical storms and hurricanes.

It may be worth the investment to switch your asphalt or tile roof over to metal for long-term savings – and an attractive modern design! Some home insurers even offer a reduction in the cost of benefits for homeowners with metal roofing. It’s best to call your insurance and determine if this benefit is included in your insurance policy.

Reduce the carbon footprint

A metal roof provides reliable coverage for your family, your customers, and your conscience. Also, a highly eco-friendly option, as you can find 100% recycled material options. At the end of its lifespan, you can recycle every piece of metal. This is a great option to reduce your carbon footprint – however, with how long a metal roof tends to last, it is likely to span generations! Not to mention your budget – consider the unavoidable cost to maintain a standard shingle roof multiple times, either for cleaning, repairs, or needing a complete replacement due to rotting wood as a result of water constantly seeping through poorly maintained shingles. Wouldn’t it be easier to invest in low-maintenance long-lasting metal?

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