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Asphalt Repair

Asphalt repair can be an eye sore. In fact, nothing can ruin the look of a beautiful parking lot or residential driveway, quite like an unsightly pothole or a large crack running through the pavement.

Specialists when it comes to Asphalt Repair

Asphalt repair professionals at Compton Builders know from experience how leaving these eyesores untreated can lead to further damage. Also, they pose a risk to the safety of motor vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Our repair services can target even the smallest of problem areas, so you can rest easy knowing your parking lot or other paved areas look their best. Let us provide and deliver smooth surfaces for foot traffic and transport. That is why we offer professional crack fill services to home and business owners all over Western Washington. Our building services experts help keep surfaces in excellent condition and protect those that use them.

Asphalt Process

Our specialists will assess any defective pavement and unstable areas to facilitate the least expensive and highest quality asphalt repair. We can take care of problem areas using hot mix asphalt in most cases. Taking care of the problem as soon as possible ensures that:

  • The pothole will not expand and worsen, making it less costly to repair.

  • Your parking lot or driveway provides a smooth surface for drivers and pedestrians.

  • Your asphalt does not cause vehicle damage and offers good skid resistance.

We recommend filling cracks as soon as possible to prevent a phenomenon known as “alligator cracking”, which can quickly lead to unsightly and dangerous potholes and unstable surfaces. No pothole or pavement problem is too big or small for our team. We will effectively fix the issue using trusted and industry-standard techniques while ensuring a beautiful outcome. 

Asphalt services

1. Prepping

Similar to any painting or staining project, the entire surface layer will need to be treated to bond with any new material to be added. We will chisel, grind, and excavate any unstable surfaces with hand tools or power equipment to ensure that the repaired areas will most successfully adhere to the surrounding asphalt.

2. Cleaning

Our paving specialists will then clear the prepared zones of any defective pavement, broken subgrade, or vegetation that may have accumulated over time. This guarantees no material remaining that might compromise the bond of the patching and filling medium.

3. Pre-Fill

We use an industrial-grade rubberized compound to fill and level all prepared areas. This material is ideal because it primes, seals, and effectively protects any regions damaged from water intrusion into the crucial underlying sub-base. The elastic nature of this patching material can expand and contract with the pavement through any seasonal or weather changes.

4. Hot Asphalt Application

A mixture of aggregate and asphalt cement is heated at a local asphalt plant to over 300F, transported to the job site, and then filled and leveled into the prepared and primed areas. Hot mix asphalt not only cools quickly for convenience but also remains durable even in the most extreme zones of weather exposure.

5. Double Coat Sealing

Compton Builders trusts top-of-the-line seal coating products to protect and prolong your full depth asphalt servicing. Using a two-coat sealing method, your asphalt finish will look and feel as smooth as possible while providing extreme durability and lasting quality.
Asphalt preparation
Asphalt Crackfill
Asphalt Sealcoat

Whether a week long commercial project or one day driveway repair, you can count on our paving experts at Compton Builders to do the job right. 

To learn more about our other services like roof repair, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (206) 338-1625 , or use our online form.

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Lake Forest Asphalt Project
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