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Seattle Drywall Professionals

Drywall is one of the many building services we offer. Basically, drywall is a type of plasterboard and used in the construction of walls and ceilings. Though it is quick to install and easy to repair, it requires a professional drywall expert.  None other than Seattle drywall professionals!

If you have drywall that needs to be repaired or refinished, hiring a Seattle contractor is the best choice to save yourself valuable time and effort. 

In fact, you will ensure the drywall completion will leave your wall or ceiling completed without any mistakes!

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Drywall Cost

Many factors determine the final cost when installing or repairing your drywall. Of course, this includes the size of the job, the materials required, and the labor costs.  


As local building suppliers (Compton Lumber), we provide discounts on drywall materials. The exact cost of materials will depend on the size and thickness required. The price per sheet can be checked at the local building and construction supplier


Basic labor costs for drywall installation range from $200-$300*, based on a surface area of 200 square feet.

Drywall finishing

There are five different levels for drywall finishing, depending on where it is being installed and the overall look you want to achieve, for a contractor to install and finish drywall up to Level 4 (three coatings of the compound). Check with our Seattle drywall professionals for a quick quote.

Seattle Building Services

Compton Builders offer many construction services, from roofing, paving, and drywall!

Our drywall services are available to both commercial and local northwest residents.

Everything from high-end work on new construction, commercial and remodeling projects. We also do the basic patch repair, popcorn ceiling overlays, re-sprays.

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